ब्रेकिंग न्यूज़

Uttar Pradesh

Voting will be held in these districts on February 23, the credibility of these ministers of the government is at stake
 PM will inaugurate Kashi Vishwanath corridor, preparing for grand welcome
2 days lockdown in UP, government issued order
 Guidelines of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to team-11 set up for Kovid-19 management
 The second round of coronation is the result of unbridled and corrupt bureaucracy ..
Just now: Lockdown imposed in 5 cities of UP, applicable from tonight
 Municipality Mirzapur: Certification is not being made even after traveling for months, considering himself to be a fourth class employee
Mirzapur: 15 active cases with 2 corona positives, more than 7 thousand infected in the state
Mirzapur: 5 corona positives found on Saturday, total 31 so far infected
dampar skid 4 migrants in mirzapur, died
5 corona positive in mirzapur tuesday, total reach 17
Honest Awasthi will get command to improve law and order
Yogi Sarkar decides to implement upper reservation